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Owl's Mirror Studio, founded on an idea in 2001 that wasn't meant to be, grew from the minds of two people, Greg Blazer and R. Cunningham aka Keevs. Greg is currently selling his customs collars under gBlazewear.

The name Owl's Mirror Studio is derived from the medieval stories of Till Eulenspiegel (pronounced Oy-len-shpee-guel). There are 95 Till stories that tell the tale of his life traveling (what is today) the Northern Germany, Netherlands, and Belgian countryside in the 14th century playing pranks on and making fools of authority.

These stories became the basis of interest in naming the studio because Greg and Keevs wanted to find a name that represented a mythical prankster of some sort. They came across the stories of this jester, Eulenspiegel, and found that Eulenspiegel literally translates to "owls mirror" thus sparking their interest in the unique combination of words and giving life to Owl's Mirror Studio.

Recently we have restructured our production schedule do to delays in adding new content beyond artwork in Keevs' Gallery. Our current production is a webcomic titled "Magical Princess Anya." The Anya page is under construction and will be posted soon announcing the launch date.

In the essence of Till Eulenspiegel Owl's Mirror Studio strives to be the jesters of web entertainment. Our goal is to provide witty entertainment for a teenage to mid-30's audience based often on pop culture referenceing.

The Jesters of Owl's Mirror Studio:

Keevs - R. Cunningham - Founder/Art Designer


Last Update: 10/3/14
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