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Welcome to Owl's Mirror Studio.

9/29/11 Thursday

The final round of events for the year is coming up. It's time for an update. Just six more events before it is over.

This weekend Owl's Mirror Studio will be vending at WebComics Con in Norwalk, CT. This is a new event for us and it is close so it was easy to add to the schedule.

We also have FurFright in just two weeks, October 14-16. This was a great event to be at and a lot of fun.

Sunday, October 30 we will be at the Wolf Road Holiday Inn in Albany, NY for Albany Comic Con once again.

November 4-6 will be a busy weekend for a couple of our most distant events to attend. Just like last Keevs will be in at Nekocon promoting the artwork while Greg is in Chicago for MIR focusing on the collar market.

We will end the year with another new con in the schedule. In its second year and located in Stamford, CT we will be attending Gobble-Con the weekend of November 18-20. This is the weekend before Thanksgiving. We have met the owners of this event a few times at recent events and they are really great people who respect the artists and dealers. I hope this convention will succeed for them to continue into the future.

Also at WebComics Con, Nekocon and Gobble-Con you will find our friend Lisa of Happy Kitty Studio promoting her comics and knitted wares.

If you are in the area or already planning to attend any of these events stop by and check us out.

As usual we will return to Genericon in 2012 and we are looking forward to the fifth year of CPAC in Hoboken, NJ. It has been a long, rough and busy year. It will be good to put it to an end and get a little breather before starting again in March for Genericon.

If you have any questions, artwork/collar order, or commission requests feel free to contact us at Info@OwlsMirror.com

Keevs Magical Princess Anya General

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